Are You Ready for Prime Time?

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'Explainer' Videos

'Explainer' Videos are short Flash videos (usually between a minute and two minutes) that explain your product or service to potential buyers.   Rather than the usual droll, text-and-spoken-word descriptions, Explainer Videos use animations and fast-moving screen images meant to be eye candy for viewers.  It's more conceptual than any point-by-point explanation, but by the end of the short video, your potential customer nods his or her head and says, "ahhh, NOW I understand what this service would do for me!"  These examples were created by our exceptionally talented Flash programmer, Andre O.  

For instance, have you ever.....

Heard of a moving permit?

 Or thought about what you can do to help the poor?

There are also so-called 'Cartoon' Explainer Videos

Tried a "whiteboard" explainer video?