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KDM&A Aviation Expertise

Aviation experience: we have more than a century of it. Sorry, none of us ever met Orville or Wilbur, but together we can boast of more than 100,000 cumulative accident-free flying hours. Our mission is to market and promote almost any general aviation business. 

We also advocate, defend and problem-solve for GA businesses such as FBOs, repair stations and Part 61 and Part 141 flight schools.   Our marketing and PR experts truly understand GA, and can often fix problems for large and small GA airports, Part 135 operators and company flight departments.

Our associates are former FAA officials, current and former airline captains, CFIs, active Part 91 and 135 managers, aviation psychologists, flight school chief pilots and managers, airport managers, state aviation officials and GA airport specialists.  Our GA experts have at their fingertips all the tools and expertise possessed by our marketing, PR and promotion wizards to solve GA problems and help GA businesses move up.

We also protect and defend GA airports.  Our long experience in solving airport issues includes minimizing bird strikes, noise violations and encroachment, not only for Part 139 airports but for smaller GA airports as well. Our experts know how to fight obstructions near airports, placate angry neighbors threatening airport closures, cope with impossible TSA mandates and mitigate unreasonable rules imposed by city councils.

If it's aviation, we've either done it or know how to do it.  Call 202-813-0891 or email us today.