Kevin is a find: creative, innovative, talented and customer-oriented.  The latter distinguishes him from many others.  He is a people-pleaser - not because it's good business but because he's made that way.  A more genuine, upbeat and motivated talent you'd be hard-pressed to find.  So look no further.

Drew Steketee National Be-A-Pilot Campaign former president

KDM&A Online Education

KDM&A Online Education

effectively educates your customers, potential buyers or association members.  A short, simple series of online programs might cost $4,000, but can reach thousands simultaneously, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

A Few Examples (click links below)

The First Steps and The Four Main Pages:  Online sales/training videos created for international SaaS provider JackrabbitTech.com.

Psyched in 10: a brain-stretching fun course with some serious lessons. This example was created by our talented associate Mike Enders. 

HIPAA privacy compliance: created by experienced KDM&A developer Tim Buteyn, this serious course takes employees through imaginative scenarios highlighting possible HIPAA privacy violations.

Treasury software:  Sales or training videos created by valued KDM&A associate Carolyn Steffen, essential for any software company that is ready for professional videos showing its software to best advantage.

Online client happy birthday cards:  Inexpensive, easy to send and clients love the fact that you've remembered their special day.

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