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KDM&A Podcasts

Podcasts: You think people won't pay attention to podcasts?  Click on this recording of a man using his cell phone while driving to call his boss.  Bet you can't stop before the whole 3 minute program is done!

Podcasts are very much like radio programs, but available through the Internet rather than a radio. With portable MP3 players, Ipods and a player in almost every modern cell phone, podcasts are now the favored way for on-the-go customers to absorb industry updates and news or opinion - your opinion - during otherwise wasted commuting time.

But the best feature of an audio podcast is that it delivers information in a personal voice, perhaps yours, maybe your CEO's. There's a good reason Franklin Roosevelt's "fireside chats" were so popular. Modern podcasts often include 'voicers' from other leaders and opinion-makers in your field, in their own voice.

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