It's always great to see a talented guy break free from Corporate America and start his own business.  Creativity like Kevin's, coupled with his work ethic I often observed at AOPA, will help move your up-and-coming business into prime time.

Pat Shaub Eagle Eye Training LLC and PHI

KDM&A Professional Journalist Enhancement (PJE) Service

Professional Journalist Enhancement is the high-value but inexpensive KDM&A service that provides weekly personalized counseling, error correction and encouragement for community newspaper reporters. It's like the counseling editors used to be able to provide for reporters.

For reporters, it's a weekly sit-down with a kindly, vastly experienced editor who uses one of the reporter's own stories to gently point out mistakes in grammar, spelling, sentence construction, word usage, style and news writing basics. The kindly editor is also generous with his or her hard-earned experience, offering tips on identifying and correctly writing real-world news stories.

How much would you pay for your reporters to dramatically improve their writing skills? How about $100? No minimum number of weeks or long-term contracts. Just $100 per week per reporter enrolled.

No budget? We'll give you a FREE week of this service, in the belief you'll be sufficiently impressed to build several weeks of PJE into next year's budget. For a complete program description, click PJE Description.pdf, below. For a sample weekly counseling report, click PJE Sample Analysis.pdf.

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