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As masters of the art of communication, we convey your message creatively and professionally.  We're in Washington, D.C., but specialize in helping small, fast-growing businesses nationwide transition to prime time - at reasonable prices!  Call us now.  (We answer our own phones.)

KDM&A Videos

Creativity is our stock in trade, and you'll see exactly that when we create your video.

Our team of dedicated shooters, editors and artists enjoys nothing more than bringing your next project to life. Interesting, technically strong videos are critical for selling in today's crowded environment, and we build the best.

With decades of experience in both video production and post-production, we create commercials, infomercials, full broadcast programs, training videos and more.  Our talented associates at Edit On Hudson know top shooters across the country, and have one of North America's  largest green screen stages, in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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