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KDM&A Webcasts

A Webcast is much like a low-cost television broadcast, but carried on the Internet.  The show might be you at a speaking engagement, or 'broadcasting' your company's annual convention.  It could be an 'informercial' or even a meeting with attendees from all over the country.  Webcasts can be live or recorded.  Their most popular use is to 'broadcast' your convention to customers or members who can't attend in person.  A Webcast beats the tyranny of travel costs and time limitations. (Webinars are not the same as Webcasts.  See our Webinars tab for more information.)

Broadcast your regional or national meeting as a "virtual meeting," in one stroke eliminating travel expenses for your participants, troublesome travel permissions and all those pesky details of a live meeting.  Holding a virtual meeting often increases attendance.

Presentations at conventions or meetings. Many companies are already Webcasting their annual conventions or portions of them for those who can't attend in person. Also investor relations conferences.

Sales demonstrations or even "infomercials" for potential customers, hundreds or thousands at a time.

Webcasts are here. Check it out: call 202-813-0891 or email us.