Kevin is a find: creative, innovative, talented and customer-oriented.  The latter distinguishes him from many others.  He is a people-pleaser - not because it's good business but because he's made that way.  A more genuine, upbeat and motivated talent you'd be hard-pressed to find.  So look no further.

Drew Steketee National Be-A-Pilot Campaign former president

KDM&A Webinars

A Webinar is a live educational session, sent through the Internet just for customers (or employees, or prospects) you allow to attend. PowerPoint is often shown.  Most webinars last an hour or less.  Your customers can ask questions, and (if you allow) even silently chat with each other during the session.  Webinars are usually recorded so others can watch on the Internet later, at their convenience.

Webinars are for smaller, invitation-only groups.  Webcasts, on the other hand, are usually for larger groups.  (Please see our Webcast tab for more information.) Types of webinars include:

CEO presentation for employees (or stockholders, departments or customers).
Sales meetings or presentations.  Employees or potential customers need travel only to their own computer screen to participate.
Training, in-house.  Conducted by special trainers, or company IT or HR personnel. Keeps the personal touch of in-person training, with live interactivity.
Team project updates.  Live interactivity in webinars, with the team leader's presentation and guidance.

Internal webinars can be (and often are) run by company personnel.   But when it's time for a customer webinar, call 202-813-0891 or email us.