Kevin is a find: creative, innovative, talented and customer-oriented.  The latter distinguishes him from many others.  He is a people-pleaser - not because it's good business but because he's made that way.  A more genuine, upbeat and motivated talent you'd be hard-pressed to find.  So look no further.

Drew Steketee National Be-A-Pilot Campaign former president

KDM&A "In Their Own Voice" Testimonials

Why do customers buy one service over another?  TRUST.

Particular in the service arena, TRUST is what makes the difference between a sale and "no sale."  A product can be carefully inspected and compared to similar products, but how does a potential buyer compare your SERVICE with other vendors?  TRUST.

Testimonials are the time-honored way to convince potential buyers that your service is the one they should buy.  Printed testimonials are everywhere, but our novel testimonial service provides your customer's own voice, accompanied by professional photos of him or her.  To read a testimonial is one thing; to hear several of your customers proclaim their delight with your service - in their own voices - is another.  It's powerful.

Creating smooth, professional testimonials is our job, and we can do it in several different ways.  You tell us which customer(s) you'd like included, what particular aspects of your service you'd like them to praise, and in just a few days you'll have a realistic, glowing testimonial giving potential customers proof that YOUR service is the best.

Check out our samples, below.  We produced this particular set for the National Business Aviation Association, to boost public confidence and trust in business aviation.


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